Thursday, July 07, 2005

Operation Homecoming

I recieved this e-mail from a friend of mine, an ex-Marine (if there is any such thing) and a historian. I asked his permission to post it, and as I suspected he would, he gave me the go-ahead. I met Weasel five years ago at a Civil War re-enactment outside of Winchester, Va. The unit I normally joined in with didn't come and his unit adopted me. He and I spent the whole weekend fighting Yankees, telling stories, and cracking wise around the campfire. Although I haven't even been in the same city with him since, we have kept in touch through my divorce and moves all the way to Texas.

Thank you Weas.

Hey Friends,
My neighbor across the street, John, is a Marine Combat Vet from Vietnam, serving from 66'-68' with 3rd Marines, who is very active and vocal in the local and Natl Nam Vet's "scene", as well as a support home front site for the present war in Iraq. He and his girlfriend recently came back from a Vietnam Vet Reunion in Branson, Mo, and he got tears in his eyes telling me about his experiences there. He took alot of photos that he put on a web site dedicated to ALL Veterans, and I promised I would forward it to everyone on my list. Please let him know if you check it out, and pass on any comments to him via his e-mail address on the bottom of the info page of the site. And also check out his site for the troops in Iraq.



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