Friday, July 08, 2005

Shiite for Brains

A very dear loved one of mine said to me, "We need to get out of the Middle East or they'll only hate us more."
Hate us more? How the Hell can you hate someone more than it takes to strap a bomb to your own body and sit amongst strangers and blow yourself up to kill them? How can you hate more than to slit the throat of a poor girl who just wanted to offer you peanuts, and then fly a plane full of average working Joes into a building full of more average working Joes just because they don't share your beliefs... And get a group of people to do the same thing two (almost three) other times within a few hours. How can you hate more than to live in a city amongst people whom you see everyday and then blow up trains and busses full of them to make a point?
After the cowardly craven acts of violence in London yesterday how could anyone think they could hate us more?
I read somewhere that one of the Brits asked, "How can human beings do this to each other?"
Simple answer: They can't. These aren't human beings anymore. They are rabid slavering beasts, following orders of an insane master. They are worthy of nothing more than being taken out and hanged, no chance for re-habilitation. They are not soldiers, for they do not go into combat. They are not mercenaries, for they receive no payment after their deeds. They are not insurgents, for they are not revolting against an established government. They are becoming less terrorists now, for they are not inciting terror as much as they are anger anymore. They are creatures of fear and darkness, hiding from the eyes of real men whilst they plot and plan destruction.
It amazes me that in the "civilized world" we have trouble getting people to believe in a benevolent and loving God, but in third world countries they will follow a god that asks them to kill innocents, and do so by committing suicide. A child in America can get suspended for having a Bible in school, but we have to provide Korans and prayer matts to prisoners in Gitmo. This is not a war against terror, it's a war against darkness and hate.
Do not misunderstand me, I do not believe that this is a religious war (from our point of view anyway), but believe that Faith will be a stong weapon for the side that chooses to use it.
The media however well meaning it intends to be has no use in combat. Our soldiers face hard choices and ugly realities every day. We try and assimilate that information from a 1 minute video and soundbyte. Attacks in Iraq are planned for certain times of the day to insure that it makes the news over here. Videos of atrocities committed against our people are circulated on the internet. Rumors are circulated about advance warnings and conspiracies. All this is done to shake our faith.
Too many of us are giving in, Hollywood tells us that Washington is wrong and we believe them. The U.N. misapropriates aid money, and appoints inhumane countries to humanitarian councils and we listen to them. We listen to nay-sayers and doom-criers because it's easier than trying to think positive about a tough situation.
Remember this, and remember it well, our enemies have faith, strong faith, and they are willing to die for it. The only way to stop them is to have faith of our own, and ensure that they do exactly that.



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