Saturday, September 24, 2005

B-25... Bingo!

My oldest Brother lives on the lake down in South Carolina. When I was a kid, we used to visit, and go out on the boat. They used to take me to Bomber Island in the middle of Lake Murray. Bomber Island was used as a practice target Durring WWII, and even back in the '70's you could find shrapnel and cool stuff (to a 9 year old anyway). I was told that some of the planes had crashed in the lake back in the '40's.

Well, last week, my brother sat out on a boat, drinking beer and watching them pull one of them up. A B-25 bomber over 60 years in the dark cold South Carolina waters brought into the light of day.

The B-25 was used in Doolittle's Raid, the bombing attack on Tokyo in retaliation for Pearl Harbor.

This one is gonna be disassembled and sent to Birmingham, Alabama to the air museum there.

Thanks for the pictures Big Bro.

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