Saturday, September 10, 2005

Oils Well That Ends Well

I got this from my youngest brother who lives in Northern Virginia. It is his response to the "Don't buy gas day" e-mail that has been circulating. My oldest brother liked it so much he sent me a second copy.
Now, this is my blog, and I may quote others from time to time, but rarely will I ever post sombody else's ranting. If you don't like it- get your own blog... however, I quite like this and I'm posting it with no changes other than omission of the greeting at the top.

Now I'm all for oil company bashing, I hate $3 a gallon gasoline. Maybe the government should control them like Medicare and Medicaid. I'm sure the caring individuals in Washington will do a much better job with the resources. You seem to forget a couple of things though. Oil in the U.S. is a publicly traded commodity, now I am no expert on the stock market, but I do think supply and demand has something to do with prices. (How long has the Suburban been the preferred mode of transportation in Texas, I think that goes back to the previous administration?) You also choose to ignore the fact that worldwide consumption of oil is way up (that ugly supply and demand again). Read Chinese oil consumption is way up. The inefficient factories (which would have been exempt under the Kyoto treaty) that produce the throw away products some Americans demand are going strong. Did I mention that there has been no Energy policy Since George H. W. Bush? And speaking of the Chinese weren't they occasional guests to the Lincoln bedroom and a major contributor to the last Democratic president? Most Americans seem to ignorant of the fact that almost every other country in the world has been paying well in excess of $3 a gallon for gas for over 20 years (I don't expect sympathy). To sum it up, I don't think the oil companies are doing everything they can to keep prices down, but maybe they are contributing the impetus for the everenterprising Americans to come up with something better. I know the left has been crying for alternative fuels forever, but the only way it will happen is for capitalism to take the lead. For all the hand wringing and social engineering of the left, it still takes a profit motive to get anything done. In Utopia maybe everyone works to their highest capacity,but in history we have countless examples of societies expecting production for the good of all that fail to live up to the high ideals. Blame human nature, some people are producers and some are parasites.I support producers; I hope we find alternate fuel sources and that hand wringing politicians don't make it impossible to implement them. I don't know how oil company profits are calculated and until I do I won't completely condemn them. I'll just do what every American should do everyday, I will try to conserve energy (supply and demand again).

Not bad big brother. I guess now I know Ma wasn't my only writing influence.



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