Saturday, December 10, 2005

For Richard And Poorer

Damn. Richard Pryor is dead.

Richard was by far my favorite comedian. Versitile beyond belief... and funny... Shit, that Mother Fucker was funny. (sorry Ma)

The first I really ever remember of Richard Pryor was hearing "Bicentennial Nigger" on cassette tape with a bunch of other young guys laughing at stuff we didn't fully understand.

He was a genius, and he didn't have to work blue to be funny, but when he did, God, he was FUNNY. He was even funny in movies he wasn't even in, he wrote "the bean scene" in Blazing Saddles.

His movies are icons, his comedy legendary, his talent unmeasurable. I won't besmirch his memory by repeating any of his jokes here, instead leave you with something else.

Every Thursday li'l Johnny's teacher would ask a question. Whoever answered it correctly got Friday off school. But, she would always ask questions no one could answer. Things like "How many trees are in the forrest?" or "How many bricks are in this building?" So... Johnny went home and spray-painted two softballs and took them to school on Thursday. When it came time for the teacher to ask her question, Johnny rolled them up to the front of the class. The teacher picked them up, held them over her head and asked "Who's the comedian with the big black balls?" Johnny jumped up and hollered... "Richard Pryor! I'll see you Monday Teach!"

Goodbye Richard. We'll miss you.


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