Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Fresh Baked Tookie

I've been watching the Tookie Williams death watch for about a week. I have a few opinions (as one would have guessed) on this whole thing, but I wanted to wait for the outcome. As one of my physics teachers would say "I'd rather be a good historian than a poor prophet."

The one thing that sticks in my mind is everyone saying "Look how good he's become, he's so anti-gang now, he wrote a kid's book." My thought, "Big Deal." What else was he supposed to do, advocate the killing of Taiwanese immigrants? Go on a crime spree in cell block A? No, he was supposed to reflect on his crime, and then pay for it. Pay he did. Hopefully some of those other gangbangers will realize that no matter how good you are after the fact, you will pay for the crime you commit.

There are some out there who will try to tell you that capitol punishment is not a deterrent for violent crime. I'll bet anything you want that Tookie Williams never kills another person... Ever.


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