Thursday, February 16, 2006

Not The Policeman's Ball

The Headline read "Sex raid nets five arrests". It was a sting operation in Columbia, South Carolina. My brother saw it in the newspaper "The State" and mentioned it to a friend. She read it and told him to go back a pay attention to the article itself.
It’s the second raid in a little more than a month.
“Operation Hoe-Down” resulted in the shutdown of Atlantis II at 540 St. Andrews Road and LMR (Le Masser Rendezvous) at 2301 Bush River Road, Suite F.
The Richland County Sheriff’s Department assisted in the raid.

Only in South Carolina could they get away with that. I can't do anymore to this than was already done, so I'm just gonna let it stand.

Hat tip to my oldest brother for alerting me. Too funny.



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