Thursday, March 23, 2006

Burning Bush

Being a conservative in a very liberal area I catch a lot of crap from friends and aquaintences. Well... not a LOT, I do have plenty of conservative friends. (Whoda thunk ten years ago that when refering to my friends "con" would mean conservative not convict?) ANY-how, one thing that I hear so much of (from friends, on the radio, in bars &tc) is how "All you conservatives blindly follow Bush and his administration, no matter what he says". One word... BULLSHIT! I have a lot of problems with the Bush administration. I am just so distracted defending it from all the made-up wonky MSM-Air America-Al "if I only had a brain" Franken-Cindy "it's all about meeeee" Sheehan-Hollywood is smarter than you garbage that I rarely have enough energy left to point out its real honest to God failings. And it has plenty.
First off I should say that I am more of a financial conservative than a social one. Gay marriage? Big deal. I'm pretty damn sure that homosexuals couldn't do any more harm to the "sanctity of marriage" than all those divorced heterosexuals did. Me included. That is more of a religious argument, and religion is not my department. That being said even with his tax cuts Bush's people spend money like a drunk at a strip joint. Get the Hell out of my wallet. Where the Hell is all the cheap oil that the lefties scream we went to war for? Why are we still pouring money into that Amway pyramid scam we call "social security"? How about a little personal security? What part of SMALL government do you people not understand? Screw hybrid and hydrogen cars. Drill for that oil in Alaska. I hear Mexico has oil.
Speaking of Mexico, isn't there supposed to be a border there? Why do we have hundreds of private citizens patroling Arizona's southern border? Because the government we elected DOESN'T. You call 'em vigelantes, I call 'em concerned citizens. You want them to stop? Put some troops down there, build a wall, dig a ditch- SOMETHING. Calling them "undocumented workers" doesn't change that they are "Illegal aliens"... Get that? ILLEGAL. Against the law. You remember law, right? I am not against imigration, it built this country. I oppose ILLEGAL imigration. Let them come, just make them do it the right way. Sneaking into this country to get the benefits that I pay for is stealing from me. Get that? Stealing. That's why it's illegal, damnit.
The war. You call that a war? I call that babysitting. Kick the media the Hell out of there, do what needs to be done to get rid of the bad guys, get their government rolling, get the hell out. We are getting our soldiers killed by all this peacekeeping BS. They are trained soldiers. Let them fight. Bush the elder didn't help anything by halting at the border with a stern warning the first time either.
Katrina? I blame the president. What? No, not Bush, Jefferson. If he hadn't bought that fetid swampland way back when, that could very well have been all France's problem.
Each and every one of those examples is a big picture of a lot of small problems. I follow no one blindly. That is why I am a conservative. I don't trust the media to tell me the whole truth, I don't think the high school dropouts in Hollywood should make policy, I don't go along with the crowd. I read. I research. I think. I pay attention to the world around me. That's why I think even with all his faults, he was a better choice than than the other guy. Both times.



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how about a holiday called:

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