Saturday, December 30, 2006

Bad Call, A 100 Word Misadventure

Bowl game day at the bar, and all the Miller Lite girls were dressed as referees. Mark walked up to the redhead.
“If I gave you my number, would you call me for holding?”
She barely glanced in his direction, “You’re out of bounds, pal”
Mark suddenly made illegal contact.
In the blink of an eye she whirled. The blinding flash of pain told him that the kick was good.
As Mark lay gasping, he saw her whisper “personal foul” to the bouncers. They dragged him towards the door where Mark was sure there would be roughing of the passer.
I got to pick the subject for this week's contest due to my win two weeks back. This story was based on a conversation I had with a friend while in Shakespeare's bar on 6th street here in ATX about Miller Lite girls dressed like (you guessed it) referees. We made every bad pun we could think of, and I fit as many as I could into 100 words. That being said, Go, Read, Listen, Enjoy, VOTE!



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