Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Deich Míle

That translates to "ten thousand" for all you gaelicly impaired individuals out there. I realize it's tough to keep up since I keep switching back and forth from Gaelic to Latin and such, but I feel my readers are up to it.
Have I told you lately how much I love my readers? No? Well then, it's time.
I am just a few hundred visits shy of my 10,000th visitor. Number 10k (to be verified by my site counter) will recieve a 20oz Guinness imperial pint glass, and a t-shirt from my favorite establishment: B.D. Rileys Irish Pub, here in Austin. (Feel free to click the link over there on the right)
Once I hit that ten thousand number, I'll give clues as to who it might be, if it's you, you should be able to verify it by answering a few simple questions via e-mail. There is a counter at the bottom of this page, if you log in and it says 10,000, it should be you, so shoot me an e-mail right then and take some of the guess work out of this.
God I hope it's a regular reader (or a new actual reader) and not some sick bastard looking for "dead dog pictures" or worse.
Good luck to all, and y'all come back now, y'hear.


At January 11, 2007 12:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

.. congratulations, killer....


At January 11, 2007 12:47 PM, Anonymous Constance Reader said...

Damn, I'm disqualified, I read you in an RSS aggregator. Come to think of it, I have no idea how many visitors my blog has had. Good thing -- it's more of a tech blog, some wiseass would probably be expecting an iPod.

At January 11, 2007 1:39 PM, Blogger K-nine said...

Thanks E-Man.

Oh, and CR, you hang out at Riley's anyway... But I'll make you a deal, buy me an ipod and I get you a t-shirt. Fair?

At January 12, 2007 3:14 PM, Anonymous Constance Reader said...

Sure, I can get a 1st Gen iPod Shuffle on eBay reeeeeeal cheap. That t-shirt better be signed by John and everyone else at the pub!

By the way, I sent the link on your offer to Michael. If you start getting mad dings from a single source, you know he's grasping for the free pint.

At January 18, 2007 9:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said... who won?...


At January 19, 2007 10:14 AM, Blogger K-nine said...

Nobody yet. still a few more to go. I suppose I'll have to get off my ass and post some stuff.


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