Thursday, May 31, 2007

Politically Homeless

I am registered as an independant/unaffiliated voter. I am neither Democrat nor Republican. I suppose I've been a conservative most of my life. I went through stages where I didn't agree with certain policies, but from a very early age I identified with the rebublican agenda more than the democratic one. I loathe welfare. I always think of wild animals raised in captivity when I think of welfare. Once you have an animal used to being fed every day, it's hard to make it hunt.
I despise political correctness. Does anyone really believe that making it bad to say a word or use an epithet will make people stop thinking them? Racism, sexism, discrimination. These things are big business. If racism disappeared overnight what would all the people who work for anti-racism orginizations do? Go work at Walmart? Of course not. So they have to make things seem bad in order to keep the money rolling in. Ask Don Imus. I think Imus is a schmuck, but holy crap. Hank Hill on the cartoon King of the Hill said it best, "What the Hell kind of country is this where you can only hate a man if he's white?"
When did it get to the point that if you are against illegal immigration you hate all immigrants? How is it that anyone could think it's a good idea to offer amnesty to illegals breaking the law and at the same time raise the fees and costs for all the immigrants trying to do it the right and legal way.
Which brings me to my point. The Republican party has almost ceased to exist. Yeah, I'm independant, but we don't have a party, or any good candidates. The George Bush in office is not the one I voted for. The RINO's in congress and the senate make me cringe. (Looking at you, McCain et al)
The current administration failed to live up to what the people who put them in office wanted from them. As such in '06 a lot of voters stayed home and the democrats took over both houses. After that the republicans began to fold like towels on laundry day.
I feel abandoned. I feel abused. I feel as though my choices for the governing of the country I love and the place I call home are politicians who hate me because of what I believe and those that ignore me because they can. I fell I have nowhere to hang my vote.



At June 03, 2007 1:18 PM, Anonymous Graumagus said...

You have a lot of company.

I'm half hoping the libs do impeach Bush after he basically all but called everyone who supported his sorry ass stupid...

At June 03, 2007 9:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

... Grau is right... you do have a lot of company....


At June 05, 2007 8:10 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree, I have lost some faith in the GOP. I have also lost some faith in the American people.
Why are Americans fixated on the immigration
situation at the southern border?
Our country is in crisis. We have young men and women losing their lives every day in wars being fought around the world. Russia is turning communist again right before our eyes and theatening another nuclear standoff and arms race. Our own government is price gouging us on gas. (the oil companies are making 8 to 10 cents profit per gallon, the government is making 50 cents per gallon in taxes). The democrats are threatening to raise taxes even higher.
Our american manufacturing companies are losing their ars because of poor performance and lack of system knowledge (not because of cheap labor overseas, there are many foriegn companies (toyota) making 9 billion a quarter right here, and the overall US service sector has no concept of customer service.
AND all this focus on mexicans coming across to perform labor that Americans won't do. This has been going on for decades. I agree, it needs some attention, but are we losing focus on the more important issues. Shouldn't the focus be on keeping the Northern most borders secure. Don't most terrorrists come from Europe? And Americans talk this ignorant trash about Mexicans coming here making money and sending it back to Mexico to help their economy. What about the ragheads. They come here, get huge tax breaks,charge us out the wazoo for items in their C-stores and send their money to support terrorrism. ANd I have fought beside some brave mexicans in our armed forces. Some of them were illegal. Some of them died fighting for the stars and stripes. I didn't see to many arabs in boot camp. I didn't see too many complaining Americans there neither. I did my part. Alot of Mexicans did their part.

At June 18, 2007 8:55 AM, Anonymous Bou said...

You aren't alone. I am an independent as well, but have always leaned towards the republicans. As I am apt to say, "I have never voted FOR someone... only against." I'm tired of using my vote to vote against who i perceive to be the biggest idiot. And although I'd not change my vote from the last election (Kerry was the biggest idiot for me), right now I'd say I'm so disappointed in Bush, I wish I'd voted 3rd party. Blech.


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