Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Dependance Day

I don't often do it, but on days like today I wonder how the men who gave up so much to free our nation would view Americans of today. What would Thomas Jefferson think of Bill Clinton or George Bush. What would John Hancock's view of Rosie O'Donell be. How would Thomas Paine see Jesse Jackson.
The founding fathers of these United States risked everything, including their lives and the lives of their families to be independent of the constraints of an oppressive government. Their ideals were for a nation of people to have the government of themselves. That's why we say that elected officials represent their cities, counties, states, and this country... They are to be leaders, not rulers.

The war with Britain didn't end on July 4, 1776, it began. Declairing independance was the first step, not the last. It was a dangerous, and some thought foolhardy, thing to do.

The fighting was brutal, and viscious. The rules of engagement were few and far between. It was win or die... Period.

Some thought it was a bad idea. There were loyalists aplenty... Working, Spying and fighting for the British.

Some of our own changed sides in the middle. Benedict Arnold is considered a traitor not because he sided with the British, but because he was an American hero who on more than one occaision handed the Brits defeat, then he lost faith and sold out. He could have been one of our first presidents, maybe the first president had he believed and fought for that belief.

The founding fathers didn't fight for socialized medical care. They didn't fight for welfare or social security. They didn't fight to encumber America with big government that costs so much to run it would bankrupt itself if it didn't take away from its citizens the very things it puports to provide them.

Thomas Jefferson said "Any government large enough to provide everything you need, is large enough to take away everything you have." Remember that the next time they raise your taxes to give you something "free". Remember that the next time they tell you that you don't need a gun, the police are there to protect you. Remember that the next time your elected officials call you stupid, or racist or uninformed when they try to pass laws that you know aren't right or fair.

Remember why those men of yore came here in the first place, why they fought and died to free us, and why so many since then have fought and died to keep us free. Remember... Remember.

Have a safe and happy 4th.



At July 05, 2007 11:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

.... love the Jefferson quote.... we need a few more of him nowadays....



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