Monday, October 08, 2007

The Ocean Blue

Today is Columbus Day. I won't stand in the middle of the argument about discovering a place where people already lived, but he was most likely the first Eurotrash tourist in the caribean.
San Salvador makes the claim that they were the local of his landfall. Maybe, maybe not. When I lived in the Turks and Caicos they were making a hearty claim that Providenciales (the island on which I lived) was the point of landfall. There was a startling evidence to push the idea.

For one thing in the San Salvador theory you have to switch the leagues and miles in old Chris' logs. For the T&C islands you didn't. I really don't remember many of the arguments anymore, and I can't even seen to find anything on the internet to back it, so I guess the Turcasians have let it drop. Anyway I thought it was kind of cool that I may have trod the same stretch of sand and ironshore where Cristopher Columbus and his hearty band first stepped onto dry land... Just off the northwest point of Providenciales.



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