Friday, October 12, 2007

Reel Lines (19)

Von Luger: Are all American officers so ill-mannered?
Hilts: Yeah, about 99 percent.
Von Luger: Then perhaps while you are with us you will have a chance to learn some. Ten days isolation, Hilts.
Hilts: CAPTAIN Hilts.
Von Luger: Twenty days.
Hilts: Right. Oh, uh, you'll still be here when I get out?
Von Luger: Cooler!

On a sad note, Bud Elkins, the stuntman who did the final motorcycle jump over the barbed wire in The Great Escape (Steve McQueen did most of his own riding in the movie) passed away Oct 10th at the age of 77. Elkins also did much of the driving in the chase scene in Bullitt. Those two scenes changed action movies forever. So long, Bud.



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