Saturday, February 09, 2008

Carolina Blues

Morning Peeps. I'm at Ma's, having arrived Yesterday afternoon. I didn't get on the road till 4 on Wed. Drove straight through to Vicksburg, Miss where I spent the night. I've done the battlefied tour before so after a long hot shower and a sausage biscuit I hit the highway.
In Meridian I took the exit for the Jimmie Rogers museum. After following the maze of signs around town, I arrived at noon on thursday to find this sign on the door.
I still took some pictures, and talked to some nice folks who told me if I'll call them before I get into town going the other way they'll open up special for me.
I managed to hit Atlanta at 6:00. God, that was nasty. Took the bypass and still ended up sitting in traffic six lanes wide in each direction and another hour delayed. I stopped at my eldest brother's house around 10:00, went over to visit my nephew, his pretty wife, all their toys, and two tiny crazy dogs. Back to big brother's for a drink a game of pool and bed.

It's breakfast time, so I'll pick this up later.



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