Monday, March 31, 2008

Oh Danny Boy

In Amboy, Washington a contractor and his kids found a parachute buried in the ground. An old parachute. The FBI is checking to see if it matches the type of chute used by a hijacker... Or should I say THE hijacker.
On Nov. 24th 1971 a man in a suit and tie, black raincoat and loafers paid $18.52 for a plane ticket from Portland, Oregon to Seattle, Washington. He boarded the Boeing 727 with a bomb and a plan.
After handing the stewardess a hijack note, he exchanged the other passengers for four parachutes and $200,000 in cash.
While his ransom was being collected he sat on the tarmac drinking bourbon and soda. A man after my own heart.
Back in the air he instructed the pilot to fly low and slow. Not long after that he walked down the rear steps of the plane and into history.
He was never seen again. The FBI decided he was dead. (They said the same about Eric Robert Rudolph after they couldn't find him, how did that work out for them?)
In 1978 the placard was found from the rear stairway of the plane.
In 1980 $5880 in $20 bills was found on the banks of the Columbia River.
Now the parachute.
The first name on the passenger list was Dan, but you may know him as D.B. Cooper.
Experts say the parachute can't be Cooper's. It's not the right age nor material (it's silk not nylon ca.1945).



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