Monday, June 30, 2008

Born And Bread

On the scale this morning I was almost exactly on 180. And that was before I went to the gym. By the way, at the gym there was only one lurker on the machines this morning, and I think my evil looks and grumbling caused him to run away, since he only used one machine then split.
My goal has become 175. That was where I was my senior year in high school. That was pretty much the last time I weighed 175. Towords that goal I'm going to sacrifice my morning cranberry muffin. Not only that, I'm going to forgo all bread and bread products for the next week and see if that helps.
Goodbye PB&J's. So long Subway sandwiches. Tomato sandwiches have just become tomato slices. Hellooooo Salads. I'm still a firm believer that salad isn't food... It's what food eats, but now you can get salads with grilled chicken and sliced beef, so...
If it doesn't help, I'll go right back to it. One week. We'll see.
Last night after I got home from my walk I weighed in at 179.



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