Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Dodging The Issue

A couple of random thoughts about my '77 Dodge, aka the Big Blue Beast... While I'm on the subject.

Matchbooks. If you've ever owned a vehicle with an 8-track player, you had matchbooks in your car... So that when the tape began to drag, and it would, you could shove a matchbook under it and it would play normally.
Eyelids. It had eyelids (Headlight covers) that would flip down when you turned on the lights. I left the lights on one morning somewhere and when I came back to the car they were barely burning. I realized I had one chance to start that thing or I was walking to find help. I got in the car, shut off the lights and turned the key. Before it cranked the starter I heard, '"zzzzt, clunk". Because the lights were off, it used its last little bit of power to shut its eyelids, and I walked to get help.
RX7's. I know that seems like a non-sequitor, but this was the mid to late '80's. RX7's were popular and a lot of the guys had them. Growing up like I did in the country we used to race a lot. (you're shocked I'm sure) I had this huge boat nearly twice as long and three times as heavy as these little sports cars. Light pole to light pole I stood no chance... Top end, of a mile or more, well that was another story. I ate their lunch every time. It was a good feeling.



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