Thursday, June 26, 2008

Get Stuffed

I made myself a stuffed pepper for supper last night. I started with a NY strip steak, a big sweet chili pepper (not hot), an acorn squash and some brown rice. Ignore the tomatoes, they just happened to be on the table.

I cored out the pepper. I cut the steak into strips and browned it while the rice was cooking and the squash was steaming.
I cubed the meat, mixed it with the rice and squash.
Stuffed the pepper full to bursting and stuck it in the oven at 250.
Some people cook 'em till they're mushy. Me, I want it tender... No mush.
Cut that bad boy open, and you have a meal fit for a K-Nine.

While preparing the meal, I satisfied the early tummy growling with some fresh roasted peanuts. My sister sends me a 5lb bag of raw peanuts a few times a year. I pour some in a pan, roast them till the skin starts to turn dark, and I have a high protein, low cholestoral, sodium free snack.

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