Tuesday, June 10, 2008

It Wasn't All Acid

It's almost two years since Rob "Acidman" Smith passed away. He was one of my early blogging influences. If things were good for him, he wrote. If things were bad for him... He wrote. His whole blog got started because things were bad for him. Although seperated by years and miles we shared some similar experiences. Going to his site to read always made me a little homesick. Sometimes his site was a balm on my personal wounds. The person (Persons) keeping his site up and reposting his archives are doing a wonderful job. If you've never read his work, go now and do so. You just might find what you need. Sometimes, even if you've gone through something before yourself, It's comforting to know that someone else went through it too.

...I miss being in love.
I miss having someone to talk with at night and to snuggle with in the sheets. I miss having someone who trusts me to be strong when I let her know about my fears ahead of time, because I can speak of those fears to her (only her), and I miss having someone who is proud of me when I overcome those fears and succeed. I miss cooking supper for my family. I miss looking up from the book I'm reading or the article I'm writing just to see HER across the room and feel my heart swell just from the sight of her. -Acidman



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