Friday, June 13, 2008


I have been asked why I stopped writing any political commentary here. Easy answer: Why bother?

The America that I grew up believing in is not represented in government today. Oh, it still exists... For now... But has no representation.
As far as I can tell, every facet of American government from the school boards and city councils to congress and the president is full of lip serving, two dimensional sound byte artists.

I once called Abraham Lincoln the father of modern American politics... Promising everything to everyone with no intention of delivering anything to anyone. Now, I admit that is harsh, and somewhat overblown when it comes to Father Abraham. Not so when it comes to the political offspring of such policy.

Obama, McCain... Each one is saying what they think wants to be heard by whomever is listening at any given time. Unfortunately most of the people still listening are the ones who think they are owed something, or have an agenda.

McCain blathering on about not drilling in anwar to appease the global warming nutjobs, while saying we need to lower gas prices.

Obama's message is all about change. That man can take more time to say nothing and make people eat it up better than any used car salesman I've ever seen, and I've known some good used car salesmen. "Blah, blah, blah change, blah, blah believe!"

Spin, spin, spin. Much sound and fury signifying nothing.

How can one expect to be a leader of men by bowing to the much changing whim of an uneducated and mostly appathetic populace?

Bah. I wash my hands of the lot of them. Come November we'll see if I still hate McCain less than I love my country. We'll see.



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