Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Yakkety Kayak

I'm taking half a day off work tomorrow to try out my new kayak. I've already had it in the water, but I made the mistake of taking Jack along. It's a one man boat, and the surface was too slick for him to stand on, so he ended up in the cockpit with me. Thank God I lost all that weight. I lost 40lbs, and ended up with an extra 42.
The other issue with Jack in the boat is that he can't sit still. Every time he moved we changed course due to the weight shift... not to mention that he tried to drink over the side of the boat and he fell out. The bad part was that I had to drag his wet fuzzy ass back into the cockpit with me.
I'll go out tomorrow and get the hand of maneuvering it a little better... The last time I really rowed a boat may have been a canoe at camp when I was 10. After I learn that, I'll build a platform for the dog on the back. Something skidproof... With a water bowl.


At July 08, 2008 2:47 PM, Blogger Bag Blog said...

I just dropped by via Eric's blog. We have a couple of kayaks (two seater and a one holer) and we have taken our rat terrier along a few times, but he is a pain in the butt. We bought a kite to pull the kayak across the water and tried it out on our pond back in March (photos on my blog). We still have not tried the kite on a lake. There are other photos on my blog here and there if you are interested. We would love to take our kayaks down the Guadalupe sometime. The closest river to us is the Red River - and yes my husband and daughter tried that last year - not much fun.

Enjoy your blue heeler - they are great dogs.

At July 08, 2008 6:56 PM, Blogger K-nine said...

Kite, huh? Never even thought of that. I live a mile or so from town lake in downtown Austin, so I have a large calm area to try to adjust.
Jack is turning out to be a great dog. It'll be nice when we can kayak down the river and camp.


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