Monday, August 11, 2008

Go Phish

Does anybody fall for these phishing scams anymore? Really? Even my 80+ year old mother who isn't all that computer savy isn't going to give anybody her bank account number in an e-mail nor on the phone.
How can it be profitable enough to even bother anymore?
I even had someone phish me on my cellphone today. I got a text from "unknown" which read:
Eppicard##AUTOMATIC NOTIFICATION#Your EPPICard account is closed due to unusual activity,please call 1.7869752381 to restore your access.
Exactly like that with the odd caps, punctuation and bad spacing. I have no eppicard, but I was curious as to what I would find, so I called from my work phone. The automated system instantly asked for my 16 digit debitcard number. Now I may have been born at night, but it wasn't last night. So I punched in 16 random digits. Invalid. I punched in 16 more. Invalid. I did that a few more times until it kicked me out of the system. The original message was an American accent, the voice that read back the digits sounded south african or some british variant. I did a reverse directory search and it's a land line in Miami, but that's all I could find out.
I wanted more so I could screw with them for a little while, but no such luck. I wish I had an old closed bank account number or canceled credit card number to give them so they could waste some more time and get nothing for it. Bastards.



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