Friday, August 22, 2008

Sun Day

I like my Sundays. I don't have to work... Usually. I do my walk early in the morning when the air is sweet with dew.
Jack is full of piss and vinegar, and my disposition is usually a little better too. Usually.
Seven and a half miles is no joke, but it seems to go quickly. It takes just under two hours including a stop at the dog park.
By the time I get home I usually have a text message waiting for me from my friend M. Brunch here or there. Sometimes just him and me, sometimes others.
My favorite is going to Opal Divine's so Jack can join us. Jack is especially well behaved after the long walk on Sunday.
I like to get there a little early so I can sip a glass of iced milk in the sunshine and solitude.
M is a good conversationalist, and we discuss everything from politics, history and law to the fact we have seen a lot of one particular type of car lately.
M is going out of town this week. I think I will still go to Opal's. I'll miss the conversation, but I enjoy my personal time too. I also enjoy the banana pancakes and Jack enjoys the attention from the waitresses (and the little pieces of pancake I slip to him).
If you happen to be near 6th and Rio Grand around 10:30-11 on Sunday, look for the guy with the tenuous hold on inner peace and a blue heeler that looks like he thinks he needs a bite of a banana pancake.



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