Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunday Ink #11

This sexy waif caught my eye not because of her ink, but because of her hair. It was PURPLE! Not some pale lavender, but hard core East Carolina purple. That'll take your attention off the Sunday funnies.
"C" is a tiny little thing, cute as the dickens (Depending on how you feel about facial piercings) and wouldn't be a hundred pounds soaking wet carrying an anvil. I was so intent on making sure I got the picture I completely missed the fact that her ink was Tank Girl. I then buried myself deeper by bringing up the movie rather than the comic. Lost more than a few cool points there. Oh well.



At November 16, 2008 1:29 AM, Blogger DammitWomann said...

Uhhhmmmmmmmmmmmm - NOT my favorite by any means. Facial piercings like in "jewelry by nail gun" ???? Nope - no way

At November 17, 2008 9:53 PM, Anonymous Bou said...

Tank girl?

I just think... hmmm... if I were getting a tatt, I'd not get one of a half naked girl on MY body. Unless of course, this is how she feels she looks... in her mind?

At November 18, 2008 10:13 AM, Blogger K-nine said...

Yeah, I think there was an element of self identity there.


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