Monday, December 15, 2008

Slice Of Heaven

I felt the need last night for just a little casual personal time... Nothing fancy. Pizza and a movie (the new Bond flick, I highly recomend it) sounded like just the ticket, so I headed down to SoCo (South Congress Ave) to Home Slice Pizza for a bite and a beer.
I'd picked up pizza from there before, but never eaten in. It's a neat experience.
Since the wait for a table was a half hour, I opted to sit at the bar. The bar faces the prep area and you get to watch them make the pies.
Pie after pie after pie. That place rolls in the dough, pun intended.
These guys are fast. It's really impressive to watch guys who know what they are doing and obviously enjoy doing it... Mash, mash, mash... Twirl, twirl, twirl... Top it, rack it and on to the next one.
My barmaid was a dark haired amazon who towered over everone else behind the bar. She was really sweet, and suggested Brooklyn Lager to go with my meal. Not a bad brew if a little light for me.
I had a slice of their margarita pizza (tomatos, cilantro with a bit of a tang, really good... kind of interesting) and a slice of pepperoni.
I went to the movies in a good mood and satisfied. And if you haven't seen Quantum of Solace... Go... Of course you need to have seen Casino Royale first... So do that and then go... But by all means, GO!

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