Thursday, April 02, 2009

Hyde And Seek

Last week I went to Hyde Park Theater for the first time since I've been in Austin. A very lovely friend of mine suggested it and even went so far as to buy my ticket.I met her there just before showtime and got a glass of wine before making our way to our seats.
It's a tiny little theater seating only about 30 odd playgoers. Very intimate and cozy, it's easy to get sucked into the production. We had perfect seating, front row center.
The play itself was a dark comedy/drama based in the midwest about a somewhat estranged brother and sister coping with the death of a father who suffered from dimensia. It started by making the audience leave their seats and walk outside where we became a part of the play. Nothing like a little interactive theater. I won't bore you by going in depth into the play, but the interaction between the actors was wonderful, and dark and sad and funny... Sometimes all at once.

After the show, we walked over to Vino Vino (Also her idea). A lovely little wine bar there in the Hyde Park area and shared a bottle of cabernet franc domain de la noblaie les chien-chien.
Of course you know I would have to pick a bottle of wine whose name is dog related... But it was a really excellent 100% cab franc.
We also split a cheese plate, leaving up to our server the three cheeses and assortment of fruit.
Everything was so good, and it's nice to share some culture, some entertainment and some good conversation.



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