Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Postage Due

Your government at work.
Now, normally I'm not one to bitch about the US Postal Service. My father was a letter carrier. So what if stamps are 42c apiece? I dare you to hand a friend of yours an envelope and 42 cents and tell him to carry said envelope to the other end of the country... And try to have it there in 3-4 days. See how that works out for you.
That being said...
My eldest brother stopped at the post office on Broad River Rd in Columbia, SC to mail his taxes. The response? "We can't help you, we don't sell stamps."
They did try to help though. "If you go 2 miles down on the right, there's a dollar store. They sell stamps and you can mail it then."
So, big brother went to a post office in an adjoing town (He was going that way anyhow) Sure enough, they sold him stamps and mailed his letter.
So he called me. "I think someone's screwing with me."
Since I'm sitting in front of a computer I looked up the post office in question and called them (803) 798-3348...
"Do you mail letters there?"
"Do you sell stamps?"
"Oh... No. We can mail a letter if it has a stamp on it, but we don't sell stamps."



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