Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sunday Ink #34

There is just no shortage of beautiful women in this town... And definately no shortage of beautiful women with ink. Jack and I were having brunch at Opal Divine's (As we do most Sundays) when brunch became Guinness... But I digress... "J" came in to have a bite and a cocktail. I saw the star on her leg and a little of a yellow flower peeking past the neck of her shirt. I did not expect her whole shoulder and part of her back to be inked, so what a pleasant surprise that was. Each flower has a different meaning. I don't remember all of them, but the yellow rose for TX, I believe the blue was for health and healing...
The star on her leg is for Austin. It's actually a map of the city. Rotate counter clockwise to orient north and you can see I35 and MOPAC running N-S and 183 and 290 running E-W if you use your imagination.



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