Saturday, June 13, 2009

Tied To The (Whipping) Post

As I am out and about doing things (drinking, dog park), I keep my eye out for pretty girls with body art. Sometimes I use that approach just to meet pretty girls... Sometimes it's actually all about the ink. My Introduction usually starts the same way... "What's your ink?"
It's an innocent enough inquiry to put them off guard, and we can talk for a while before I try to get them to let me take a picture or two... Especially if said picture involves adjusting or removing clothing.
I've taken over 40 pictures so far, and only been turned down 2 maybe 3 times, so I feel like my approach is a good one.
I explain that I don't show faces. I don't use real names (Hell, I don't even use my real name, much less the name of an innocent). I'm pretty much ungooglable. Even if you happen to know my real full name, it's like I don't exist, so I try to keep my Sunday Ink Girls ungooglable as well.
Then I tell them "I have a web page, or a blog. I don't write on Sundays, so I use Tattoo pictures as filler."
It seems I don't write through the week anymore either. It's been a month and a half since I posted anything but pictures... and a short piece about the statistics of the pictures.
Some of you out there think the Ink pictures are creepy... Or that I'm creepy for approaching women that way.
Fine. I'm sorry you feel thus. I enjoy it, and I get to talk to a lot of pretty girls. I'm still gonna continue with it.
Some of you like them, even if it's a morbid type of curiosity (Bou) or a lusty man thing (walrilla).
A lot of the bloggers I know and read have taken a hiatus or sabbatical in the last year or two. Some never came back. Some actually announced their retirement.
I've been here for four years come July. Four long years. I may be just phoning it in right now, but damn it, I'm still here.
Lot of changes to my life in that time. I'm hardly the same human being anymore. I gained a lot of wonderful things... I had some of those things ripped away from me.
Just in the last year I lost 50lbs. That's half a human being. In that same year I very nearly lost my job. Not to mention bringing Jack (crazy blue dingo) into my home as a member of my family.
In the four years of writing I have been abandoned by my political party, and watched the country that I love dearly take the tenants that made it strong for 200 years and abandon them in less than 200 days.
You would think that all would be blog fodder, but I just feel overwhelmed and tired.
I have started a lot of posts only to delete them as inferior or rambling (like this one is).
My 100 word muse seems to be on vacation at the moment.
I set up the Sunday Ink pieces to autopost every Sunday, sometimes up to a month in advance. I told a few of my friends that if I die, most people won't realize for several weeks until the pictures stop coming.
So, to those people I say, "As of 12:30 June 13th, 2009... I'm not dead yet."
When the words come back to me, I'll forward them to you. Maybe this is the start of that.
If not, try to enjoy the pictures.

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At June 13, 2009 11:01 PM, Anonymous JRB said...

Not really creepy, just not the best of what you do....

At June 14, 2009 10:53 PM, Anonymous Bou said...

I think I'm consistently amazed at how many girls have SO MUCH ink. I don't see that much ink down here. I see it occassionally, but not to the degree you consistently find it.

Part of it may be the heavily Jewish population. The very faithful Jews, don't do tats.

Then again, it could be the crowd I hang with. Hanging with the mid-40 Mom crowd, one may have one on an ankle or something, but nothing to the degree what you see.

Like NOBODY I know has their favorite food (taco-girl) tattoo'd to their body.

I just wonder if these girls think about what it's going to be like in 20 years. Really. Some of this stuff is cool now, in their youth, but when they're my age? Will it still be cool?

I could be off... but I wonder.

I lecture my boys about tatts... telling them they have to wait until I am no longer paying for their education and... if they have to do it, to get something that is not trendy. Just because they love some band NOW, doesn't mean they'll love them in 20 years. They laugh at me as I go off about it.


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