Thursday, September 15, 2011

School Days

OK. This was a fun one. I did a little research and found out a few things. In the student picture below I exchanged emails with the little girl 4th from the right in the second row from the front. (the one with the braid across her head) Her initials are E.F. now, though back then they were E.V.
I also exchanged emails with a J.S. (not pictured) and he had the teacher at the end in the front row (top picture) in the 1st grade in 1932, the 1st teacher back row 2nd grade and the last teacher back row for music. It turns out his granddaughter is a phys ed teacher here in the town where I now live.
I exchanged emails with B.R. (not pictured) His mother is the last teacher in the back row (music teacher top picture) and had all of them as teachers while going to school there.
B.R. also told me that the male teacher (top photo) eventually married the female teacher just to his right (Your left).
My research also let me know that two of the teachers in the 1932 photo were still teachers there in the 40's.
Sadly, the school is not there anymore. It was shut down in the 50's and demolished sometime thereafter. Still, I had fun doing this one and I made good hard copies of the pictures I had and mailed them to the people with whom I coresponded. I think I made a day or two. Good karma.



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