Thursday, October 20, 2011

Now We're Cookin'

Next instalment of house pictures...  I was going to do a separate blog on the whole house restoration, but that never materialized, so I suppose I'll just stick a few pictures in here and there.  These are some of those.  When we moved in, there was no kitchen.  There was a room that looked like the zombie apocalypse had come and gone.  So, for your edification:  Our kitchen before and after...  Or after and before as the pictures may suggest.  Bear in mind that the kitchen has been in place for 8 months or so, these pics were from that time period.  It is still almost as clean...  Almost.
The back door, with obligatory blue heeler on guard duty.
All the door hardware is original aside from the round deadbolt.
Some of the bead board was missing, so I salvaged some.
It came from an 1830's house that was beyond saving.
Gas stove with convection oven and convection oven microwave.
We had a bench put under the windows by the back door.
It gave some extra storage and a place to sit...
Everyone knows all gatherings end up in the kitchen.
 Kitchen sink, and dishwasher.  We left the chimney exposed.
White carera marble counter tops and glass front overhead cabinets.
The picture is Mother Egan. 
When Mother Egan's Pub in Austin, TX closed, she came to live with us.
 Breakfast is always nice on our antique English drop leaf table.
The table is almost round.  when open it measures 48"x49"
We found matching chairs since this picture was taken.
The windows are original wavy bubble glass.
 Freezer on bottom refrigerator
Laundry room door with bulldog bottle opener.
Again, original door hardware.



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