Thursday, November 10, 2011


Photo by K-Nine
I have a lot on my plate...  And I seem to be taking very small bites.  The house is coming along.  Patch plaster here, clean exterior there, move tools, start again.  The novel...  Not so much.  I have the story in my head, but I tend to over-do it on details.  It doesn't flow like I'd like, not to mention writing time is at a premium.  The reenacting season is over, but there are a couple of living histories and parades and parties yet to attend.  Lastly, I'm supposed to be learning German.  Rosetta stone rocks, but it's expensive and I feel guilty for not following through...  but there's the house and the horses and the reenacting and the blog and I'm supposed to do a household budget for the new year and have the taxes ready by the new year and dogs to the park and exercising and shopping so we can eat healthier and cooking so the groceries we buy don't rot in the refrigerator while we eat out because there is no time!
Whew.  I'm tired just from typing that.
The Red Queen is super stressed, but she is always super stressed...  I'm the laid back one here.  And then that seems to be a bad influence.  Deep breath...
There may not be time for everything, but there is A time for everything...  So, on to the next thing.


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