Saturday, July 30, 2005

From the Management

When I started this thing, I thought "I sit at the bar and discuss weighty matters with my friends all the time, how hard could this be?"
I mean, gee whiz, subject matter pops up in the news all the time, I know tons of trivia and history, have learned friends and family on both sides of the political line, I've been published before- so I know I can write a little. So... what's the problem?
As it turns out I'm not as smart as I thought I was. Sure, I know stuff, maybe even a lot of stuff, but I'll be in the middle of an article/post and realize I don't have all the information I need to back up what I say. In a bar you can get away with that, everybody's drinking, just deny it later. On paper (even cyber-paper) people have days, weeks or even months to call bullshit.
The only thing I hate worse than a know-it-all, is one who thinks they do... and don't.
I refuse to be that guy. (I can hear my brothers and sisters snorting behind their hands right now)
I can write opinion posts, and I have, do, and will; but I want to add weight to what I say by being correct in my research.
I have several posts that have been started, and hopefully will be posted soon (It's tough to do since I work 50-80 hours a week- no, I'm not whining) so be patient with me. I'd hate to lose all three of my readers just because I'm slow.
Just know when I post something, it will be something I have put time and effort into, and not just some crap I threw out to stay daily (or weekly at this point).
Please visit the links at the side, for two reasons- 1) I like these blogs and read them pretty much daily. 2) It puts me on their blogroll, which means people will be able to link to me from their sites.
I promise I'll get faster, and feel free to send me some ideas, commentary, or just ask questions at alphaknine @ (leave out the spaces, they're there for anti-spam reasons) It's an account I set up just for this site.

The dog has the soul of a philosopher -Plato



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