Friday, March 17, 2006

Irish I's

My friends and I have a saying. Irish luck isn't good luck, Irish luck is getting the best of a bad situation. Irish luck is stepping in a pile of dog shit while wearing your old shoes. I have had the heap of Irish luck lately. Bad judgement, big bills, and bad timing have combined to kick my butt.

As such, I have been going out very little lately, but tonight is St. Pat's. It's funny that in America St. Patrick's day is parties and drinking and green beer (Green beer is just a bad idea by the way) but in Ireland it is a day for prayer and reflection. I have had enough prayer and reflection these past weeks. Tonight I'll be at B.D. Rileys quaffing pints of Guinness, singing poorly, dancing badly, telling bad jokes and stories. It's all about the craic. (say crack) A good time will be had by most. I have a lot of memories and stories attached to St. Paddy's... Too many to tell, so I won't. Be safe, Have fun and...

Happy St. Patrick's Day



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