Saturday, June 17, 2006

What's in a Name?

I'm coming up on a year here at Dead Dog Walkin'. I'd like to think I've done OK by the people who stop by to read me. I even went so far as to design business cards (I print 'em up myself) with a picture of my dog tattoo (the very first post) K-Nine my blog site cell # and e-mail to give to friends and new aquaintances. I have noticed a few people look at me a little strange when they read the web site's name, and a handful of people have asked me why I called my blog Dead Dog Walkin'. Here's the story... the true story, as opposed to the story of how I got my nickname K-nine which is lost to the annals of history due to some long convoluted happenings and alcohol abuse.

Well, with a name like K-nine it had to be dog related, that was just a given.
A comedian named Dave Atell had a show on comedy central called "Up All Night" where he would visit different cities and do a show there. I love to travel when I can (which is never) and had told friends if I ever won the lotto I'd quit my job, travel around and blog about where ever I was. I was going to call it "Dog, Walking". Ha Ha HA, like I'll ever win the lotto.

Well as I was discusing this with friends , one of which is a blogger (Ken from Bellerophonchimera), over pints at the pub we wandered into the metaphysical. I am already on a journey, life, and that trip has only one destination.

A man on his way to the electric chair is said to be "walking the long (or last) mile and is called a "dead man walking". We are all walking that long mile every day, so "Dog, Walking" became "Dead Dog Walking". Well oddly enough someone already owned that one ,although there isn't anything there, and "Dead Dog Walkin'" was born.

I wasn't sure how to start, so I did some history and some political opinion, a little personal ranting and some humor. All in all I'm relatively satisfied with the result and the feedback, I just wish I had more energies to commit to it.

So, there it is. Not nearly so exotic as it could be I suppose, but true, every word. Please visit the links to the left, feel free to browse the archives and thanks for stopping by, and come back anytime.



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