Monday, July 03, 2006

Hootie Who

I used to be a part time bouncer and full time drinker at a bar called the Attic in Greenville, NC for a little while. I'd come in early or on my nights off and help set up stage or whatever. I met Dave Matthews, (No one came to see him. I mean NO-ONE), Carrot Top (yes, he's a freak in real life too) among others. Imagine my surprise when sitting in front of the idiot box one day I heard a familiar voice on TV. Its a Burger King commercial, and there's a black guy dressed like a 40's country star in a red suit singing about hamburgers to the tune of Big Rock Candy Mountain. Darius "My name is NOT HOOTIE!" Rucker, the lead singer for Hootie & the Blowfish hocking burgers and fries. It was him, trust me, I never forget a lead singer that buys me beer. More recently, he's been singing "Big Huckin' Chicken" to the video of a guy in a chicken suit doing stunts on a dirt bike. Suddenly I feel the need for a BK broiler.



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