Monday, May 07, 2007

Out Of The Red, And Into The Black

With my next paycheck it will be official, my financial woes will be gone. I won't be rich, but I'll be able to do stuff again. The signifing event was the last Naked Lunch Special. I am going to be able to take days off to do research. Since I know there are those out there who have issues with that reoccuring feature, I will be starting an additional one:

Mi Tejas. I have been here for six years now. I know of some really cool things around here. Some I've done before, some I've wanted to for a long time. From now on most Sundays I will be doing something local. Taking some pics and writing some thoughts. On the list:

*The Austin Guitartown Project. Who doesn't love 10 foot tall guitars each with origonal artwork and a different theme scattered all over town.

*Zilker Park. Beautiful botanicals.

*Live Music. It is, after all the live music capitol of the world.

*Spelunking. I can cave with the best of them.

*Fredericksburg. German Texans and the only War in the Pacific museum on the mainland (Nimitz's hometown).

I'm not promising once a week, but I will promise fun pictures and informative reviews. Yesterdays trip to the Alamo Drafthouse was the inspiration. If I don't see ya 'round here, I'll see ya 'round, hear?

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