Sunday, June 17, 2007

Sunday Morning Zen

I hate to get up early, but nowadays it seems like I feel like crap if I sleep late. So, this morning I got up and pulled a towel out of the dryer and headed for the shower. I turned the dryer on "touch up" while I was in there.
After my morning toiletries I came back to the dryer for fresh clothes. (why use or wear folded stuff when all my clothes look alike anyway?)
This next bit falls under TMI, but for years I didn't wear underwear. I don't have a really good reason, but tighty whiteys were not my style and boxers bunched up on my once svelt lower torso. I was a commando man to the core. In my youthful arrogance (as opposed to the arrogance I have now) I suppose I thought I didn't have time for such frivolities as undergarments.
These days I like the feel of a good pair of Haynes boxer-briefs. I like Haynes because they use really soft, strong cotton and they print their info right on the brief... Which means no tags.
Anyway... I headed to the dryer, which was just finishing its tumbling, where I pulled on a clean, warm pair of boxer-briefs, a clean, warm cotton t-shirt and a clean, warm pair of levis.
I am now wandering about my silent house, soon to turn on some Sunday morning bluegrass... And about fifteen minutes from a breakfast of fresh eggs and a home grown tomato from the farm next door.
I'd love to offer you some breakfast, but how about some bluegrass... About motorcycles and redheads... Sigh...

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