Saturday, October 20, 2007

Backyard Brawl

Game Day, Bay-beee!

Today in Greenville, NC

At Dowdy-Ficklen Stadiun

4:30pm eastern

The East Carolina Pirates

Will Face off against

NC State's Wolfpack.

This is the one. THE Game.

The in-state rivalry.

I'm working, but I'll try to get CSTV on the computer

Because it's gonna be a...

First Down... PIRATES!
One bullshit call by the ACC refs, one great pass by state,
one bad turnover by ECU and we're down 14 to nothing
going into the 2nd quarter.
(Yes I paid for the game, yes I'm still pissed)
Blocked punt scooped up and into the end zone
17 minutes in and ECU is down 21 points. WTF?
ECU intercepts. 1st and goal.
2nd and goal.
3rd and goal.
4th and goal.
Touchdown Pirates!
21-7 State. 8 mins left in the 2nd q.
A great drive, a touchdown, a turnover and a Hell of a kick
21-17 State going into the half.
End of the 3rd, and not much to say.
One field goal, one late hit
21-20 State.
State's on fire again
31-20 middle of the 4th.
Typical. Offensive pass interference by State, no flag.
Flag on ECU for unsportsman like conduct for complaining.
FG. 34-20 two minutes left.
ECU cant get it done. State gets the ball 1 minute left.
State takes a knee, once, twice, thrice.
34-20 State final. It was a Hell of a ride.
You know what? Screw College Sports Television. No. FUCK them. When I signed up two years ago I paid around 5 bucks a month for ECU's whole season. Last year I paid 5 bucks per game, and they blacked out a couple of them. This year I didn't sign up... Of course the game I want to watch today is only available on CSTV. $14.95. That's right 15 dollars to watch one game on a computer screen at work, because I can't leave to get it anywhere else. Bastards... Fucking theiving bastards, the lot of them. ESPN shows their games on the computer for FREE on And the video is better... And you can watch several games at once. Yay ESPN. Fuck you CSTV... I hope you go bankrupt... And your CFO catches VD from a tranny and has to try to explain it to his vindictive wife who is prone to psychotic episodes and has a fondness for bladed objects and is a 3rd degree blackbelt. Fuckers.



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