Saturday, May 31, 2008

Worked Up

So, the gym opens at 5:30. I roll out of bed at 6, slip on some sweat shorts, a t-shirt and sneakers to head downtown. I park, walk a block, get to Gold's to find out that 5:30 is just weekdays. They open at 8 on Saturday and 10 on Sunday. Well this just won't do today. I planned on being at work by 8:30 (and I am). I went back home did my pushups and curls, then got ready for work.
Sooooo... Personal debate time. Do I work out tomorrow? Sunday is one of my 7 mile walk days. Or do I start Monday and go M W F? I have to consider that Wed is also a 7 mile day. I hate when I'm on a roll and I get sidelined by outside influnces.
The good news is (and I promise after this I'll lay off the weight loss stuff) I'm down not one, but TWO notches in the belt.



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