Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Doggie Daddy

Father's day is coming up. I miss my Pop. I wonder how different my life would be were he still alive. Probably not much. A few bumps here and there might've been smoother... but who knows?
I like to think I would have made a good dad. I think that if I had had a child I might've straightened up a little sooner, and I'd have done all right.
I'm good with kids. Children and animals have always been drawn to me for some reason. I sure don't have a lot of wisdom to impart, but I know a thing or two.
I know how to throw a ball. I can make a kite from stuff lying around the house. I can fix most anything. I know how to make a wicked paper airplane. I know how to talk without yelling, but I know how to yell when it's necessary. I know how to teach, and not make it seem like a lesson.
In fact, I've done all those things with other people's kids.
I sometimes regret that my ex and I never had kids. Then I remember how it ended and that goes away pretty quickly.
Both my brothers made good dads. One didn't make a very good husband, but I'm not the one to cast that stone.
Pop was fifty when I was born, so I suppose pushing forty leaves me some time, but there were four more ahead of me so there's a lot of room for doubt.
Not to mention that as a man I need at least one other person of the opposite sex to assist me. None of those up my sleeve.
By myself I don't even have time for a dog , what the Hell would I do with a kid...
I would have made a good dad though. I'm sure of it.



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