Friday, June 27, 2008

Pair Of Slacks

I feel like such a slacker today. I skipped my 4 mile walk yesterday so I could go to the movies... Alone.
It was a good time, I guess. Great old movie in a great old theater. I sat in the balcony and ate popcorn while Anthony Perkins stammered and stuttered and stabbed Janet Leigh.
Afterward I went and shot pool by myself at Buffalo Billards on 6th. My game reeks. I used to be pretty good, but if you don't use it you lose it. Of course, shooting against yourself makes it hard to judge.
I hit the gym this morning, but there seemed to be more people on the machines than normal, and they were taking their precious time, so I only got in an abbreviated workout.
I have a power workout that I do. Ten minutes of cardio, two sets of reps per machine, rest between reps. Well, instead of just standing and posing in front of the mirrors like everyone else seems to do, I work a different body part. So, I go legs, upper body, legs, upper body. Three leg machines, three upper body machines. Then I do abs, arms, abs, arms, abs. Three ab exercises, two arm machines. I'm always moving, working bigger muscle groups to smaller ones. This morning people were doing a rep, sitting on the machine to rest between without even getting up. Some were moving randomly among the machines, two curls here, three presses there, stop to pose... I couldn't even get to some of the machines this morning. If you're not there to work out, why are you paying 40 bucks a month? Is it strictly for the homoeroticism?
Well, between the skipped walk and the short workout I feel lazy and tired. My friend Michael is turning 49 tonight... Happy B-day man... But I'm not going to his party, due to the fact it's at the pub and I've realized I don't have enough self control to moderate my drinking right now. On top of which I may try to go ahead and get in a seven mile loop as penence for slacking off last night.



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