Saturday, September 13, 2008

Not Easy Being Green

I can't see where it's been postponed, so...
Game Day, Swabbies!
Today in Nawlins
The badass bucs face off with
Tulane's Green Wave
at 2pm central time
ECU is 2-0 against two ranked teams
This is the first conference game of the season
If we don't get overconfident it should be a
First Down...
Apparently it's 7-7 at the half
I just don't know why.
Good God, we tried to give it away, but...
Paint this conference game PURPLE!
28 -24 Pirates!


It seems the legacy of CSTV (Cock Suckers Television) is not dead. They went bankrupt and were bought out by CBS (Chunk of Bull Shit) I can't watch the game because I can't log in using my old CSTV password. They have an error message that says they can't send my new password to me. They want me to pay $14.95 for one game (Or 79.95 for the season of 6 games)... A minor game in the series at best, and even if I was going to pay, I still can't log in. So, I have a new name on my list of theiving worthless bastards. Pretty fucking shitty for an "all access" deal. Fuck you CBS. I hope you go bankrupt too.



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