Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Glass Act

One of the first things I did upon arrival at the Victorian house in NC (aka the new dog house) was open the upstairs windows to allow some fresh air into a home that has been for the most part unoccupied for 5-6 years. Jack, excitable as he is immediately took over the roof as his domain.
Usually if I leave the house, he'll stand up there and bark his goodbyes, and that's that.

Yesterday, however, he wasn't about to take "NO" for an answer. So, he made the decision to try the window in the downstairs office... It's a floor to ceiling affair...

SMASH! Yelp, yelp yelp. I came running back to find him limping and bleeding up and down the stairs. I bandaged him up as best I could. I HAD to run that errand. I came home and re bandaged him... Today, he's in the dog hospital getting cleaned and stitched up. I'm hoping he hasn't done any damage to his tendons. Good thoughts will be appreciated.
UPDATE: Back home. Severed ligament in his leg. He'll make a full recovery... But eight weeks of splints and bandages come first. That's gonna be hard on a psycho dog.