Friday, April 30, 2010

Welcome Back My Friends...

To the show that never ends.
We're so glad you could attend,
Come inside, come inside...
-Emerson, Lake and Palmer

So... I've been gone for a while. Almost a year.
Hell, I don't even know if there's anyone out there looking for me anymore.

So much to tell, so much to tell... And there may be no one listening.

I suppose let me sum up the last year, and save the details for later.

Job: Gone.
Old dog house: Gone.
Texas: Gone... Well it's not gone, I am.
Facial Hair: Back.
Cranial hair: Gone.
New wonderful woman in my life: Check.
New dog house: Check.

In fact, I'm blogging this from my antique desk, in my personal second floor study, in our lovely (needs a shit load of work) Victorian home in a small town in North Carolina.

Things to come:

-More political blogging... Much more. Most of it angry.
-A new blog. All about the trials and tribulations of renovating a historic home with a red haired woman, a blue heeler, a bouvier des flandre and an arrogant british short hair cat. Lots of pictures.
-Less tattoos. Sorry, just not as much ink here.
-And a return of the 100 word stories.

That's it for right now, just wanted to say "Hi", so... "Hi!"