Thursday, June 21, 2007

Pile Of Duke-y

Nifong has been disbarred. Not saying he didn't deserve it, but his life as a lawyer and a prosecuter is over... At least for now... Not to mention the accused lacrosse players are going after him. Nifong will be lucky not to see jail time and/or be wiped out financially.

Speaking of the three young lacrosse players, their families are hundreds of thousands of dollars if not millions of dollars deep in legal debt from fighting an unjust accusation. Their reputations will always be marred due to false claims... Innocent or not, that stigma will always be attatched to them.

The Duke lacrosse team lost a season. A winning season. Every player on that team got punished by losing time out of their lives doing what they were good at.

The coach, Mike Pressler had to resign. He is now coaching at another college up north, but it's not Duke with the prestige that holds for some.

The university lost face, as well as an undisclosed settlement to the accused players.

What about the accuser? The girl who started all this. The stripper who made up a story in order to get out of a public intoxication ticket and possibly a DUI. The girl who falsely cried rape after having consensual sex with at least three other men within a 24 hour period. The person with the record which included theft, larceny, drug charges, attempted assault charges and so on. The girl who hurt Duke University in general, cost a team a season, cost a coach his job, cost three men their reputations and tons of money, and destroyed the career and life of a district attorney. What about Crystal Magnum?

Nothing. That's right. Nothing. No charge for filing a false police report. Not even a reinstatement of the PI or DUI. Nothing. The only one to walk away from this no worse for wear... The one who started it all.
Now, tell me how you feel about justice.


Sunday, June 17, 2007

Sunday Morning Zen

I hate to get up early, but nowadays it seems like I feel like crap if I sleep late. So, this morning I got up and pulled a towel out of the dryer and headed for the shower. I turned the dryer on "touch up" while I was in there.
After my morning toiletries I came back to the dryer for fresh clothes. (why use or wear folded stuff when all my clothes look alike anyway?)
This next bit falls under TMI, but for years I didn't wear underwear. I don't have a really good reason, but tighty whiteys were not my style and boxers bunched up on my once svelt lower torso. I was a commando man to the core. In my youthful arrogance (as opposed to the arrogance I have now) I suppose I thought I didn't have time for such frivolities as undergarments.
These days I like the feel of a good pair of Haynes boxer-briefs. I like Haynes because they use really soft, strong cotton and they print their info right on the brief... Which means no tags.
Anyway... I headed to the dryer, which was just finishing its tumbling, where I pulled on a clean, warm pair of boxer-briefs, a clean, warm cotton t-shirt and a clean, warm pair of levis.
I am now wandering about my silent house, soon to turn on some Sunday morning bluegrass... And about fifteen minutes from a breakfast of fresh eggs and a home grown tomato from the farm next door.
I'd love to offer you some breakfast, but how about some bluegrass... About motorcycles and redheads... Sigh...

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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Doin' The Hokie Pokie

I know it's a little early in the year to start talking about college football, but let's do.
Last night at the pub I met some real nice folks who went to school in Blacksburg. I proudly announced my Pirate pride and off we went.

September 1, 2007, 12:00 high in Blacksburg Virginia the boys will square off with the Hokies.
You put your left foot in, you take your left foot out, you put your left foot in and...

It's a first down... PIRATES!


Saturday, June 09, 2007

On Hold

Sorry. Life has taken a firm grip on my short and curleys once again. I will be posting again soon. In the meantime please enjoy some "on hold" music. The Girl From Ipanema is classic elevator music... The banjo... Well, who knew.

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