Thursday, November 24, 2011

Turkey Day

I was gonna do this big long post about all the stuff I'm thankful for with pictures and everything...  But I'm not.
It's too late.
Short list:
The Red Queen, whom I love dearly
Jack, an awesome dog
Hermanito, a great horse
Big Jack and Merlin, without whom life would be too easy
My family, who drive me nuts, but that's OK because we're all nuts in my family
My blog family...  You know who you are
And last but not least, you my readers, thank you and Happy Thanksgiving! 
It's a good life, mostly because it hasn't always been and now I know to appreciate it.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Not Photoshopped

Photo by K-Nine

Sunday, November 20, 2011


I wasn't sure if this was a good idea or not. leave me a comment and let me know. If it's popular I'll do more of them. Good Luck!


Friday, November 18, 2011


Very disapointed.
Photo by K-Nine

Jack models my antique spectacles which I just had refurbished.


Photo by K-Nine

On The Bright Side

Photo by K-Nine
I really don't have a post here.  Merlin is on my good side as I came down to feed the dogs the other night and he presented me with a (thankfully dead this time) mouse.  Plus, I'm still futzing around with the photography thing and this picture made me happy.
Hell, Elisson gets away with random fluffy cat posts, why can't I?

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Holy Smokes

Sad News from the state of Texas.  I just got an email from my friend Jim about one of their dogs, Smokey.  My first morning ever spent on their ranch, I awoke early and went out to breathe some morning air.  I was greeted by Bud and Smokey.  Bud came right up and jumped up on me, placing his huge paws on my shoulders (thank God I was wearing a heavy leather jacket) and looked me right in the eye.  I was standing at the time.  Disconcerting to say the least.  Smokey on the other hand barked and barked...  until I called her a very pretty girl.  Then she came over and let me pet her, watching me until she was sure I wasn't after her goats.  I still think she had some of the prettiest eyes I've ever seen on a dog. Here's his letter:
Ar dheis Dé go raibh a h-anam

Smokey passed away yesterday, she was 13. This is way past her average which is 10 for this breed. I bought her at a goat auction for $60, she was a Pyrenees/ Commodore mix. She was 6 weeks old and a little fluff ball. Her fur was smokey gray in color hence her name. She turned into a 100 pound+ dog. Bud our other Pyrenees took her under his wing and they became the best of friends, never once having a spat between them. They would roam the fields guarding and protecting the goats. Never once have we lost a goat to a predator. About 5 years ago she and Bud went into retirement. They would climb the fence out of the field and into the house yard to be with the other dogs and us. If they sensed any thing wrong they would stay with the goats. Bud would climb back over the fences every night to be with the goats but Smokey got to liking the good life at the house. When Bud died suddenly at 10 Smokey had a sense about it and immediately with out any interaction from us went back to the goats and stayed there till we got a new Pyrenees (Phil) and she trained him. When she was sure he was up to the task she retired again to the house. For a dog who lived in a goat barn most of her life she adopted to house living fast and well. She was house broken almost immediately. She always stayed in the kitchen and pantry- her choice, except when it thundered then she tried to crawl under our bed. In her latter years she became extremely afraid of thunder and didn't like to be out when it was dark. She was real lady like although it was hard to tell from her appearance. She would only take a cookie if you told her how " beautiful and pretty" she was and then ever so gently. She loved to be groomed allowing U to trim her and do her nails.
I knew her time was getting short as these last few weeks were hard for her to get around and she slept ALOT. Yesterday she couldn't get up or stay standing and she was crying from pain lying in certain positions. As hard as it was I knew it was time. She would go in and out of deep sleeps but when she was awake I spent time with her petting and talking to her and feeding her tortilla chips, cheese crackers, begging strips which she gobbled down. I know she enjoyed it. U could sense she knew her time was close. She's buried next to her friend Chimay, ( border collie) whom she liked to play with, in the night pasture with her goats. It is so empty here at the ranch without her. Janet and I miss her deeply.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Just My Type

Did a living history today...  There was a local photographer there that I had seen do a demonstration of  tin-type photography last year.  He was set up using original equipment.  We had discussed having him do one of me in the past and I had hooked him up with other reenactors who had theirs done.  So today I had my likeness made.  Pretty cool, no?

Friday, November 11, 2011

Veteran's Day

These images depict America's fighting men from just after the War between the states until Vietnam. God bless them and all of those that put their lives on the line for our freedoms.

Thursday, November 10, 2011


And that's his first name!
Men's fashion has gone all to flinders.  I wish I could dress like this and not be stared at... That's just class.  One thing that continually bothers me:  Why did men's hats go out of style but ties didn't?  Ties are worthless bits of color, but a hat is a useful item.  I'm glad they're coming back some.  Note to men in hats, however; porkpies should only be worn by loose women and bookies.  So says me.

This post is particularly for some loyal visitors that I see on my sitecounter every day.  Live free or die!  Thanks for being loyal, even when I don't post as much.


Photo by K-Nine
I have a lot on my plate...  And I seem to be taking very small bites.  The house is coming along.  Patch plaster here, clean exterior there, move tools, start again.  The novel...  Not so much.  I have the story in my head, but I tend to over-do it on details.  It doesn't flow like I'd like, not to mention writing time is at a premium.  The reenacting season is over, but there are a couple of living histories and parades and parties yet to attend.  Lastly, I'm supposed to be learning German.  Rosetta stone rocks, but it's expensive and I feel guilty for not following through...  but there's the house and the horses and the reenacting and the blog and I'm supposed to do a household budget for the new year and have the taxes ready by the new year and dogs to the park and exercising and shopping so we can eat healthier and cooking so the groceries we buy don't rot in the refrigerator while we eat out because there is no time!
Whew.  I'm tired just from typing that.
The Red Queen is super stressed, but she is always super stressed...  I'm the laid back one here.  And then that seems to be a bad influence.  Deep breath...
There may not be time for everything, but there is A time for everything...  So, on to the next thing.

Wednesday, November 09, 2011


As a lot of you know, I was at a blogmeet in Tennessee recently.  Wonderful people.  A recap is coming soon...  very soon. 
One thing that has changed over the years of blogmeets (Our little group in particular) is that originally it was much like a bachelor party.  A camera could get you killed.  Since then as we have matured as friends as well as people, and now pictures are treasured and often posted as opposed to being used for blackmail. 
Most of us are still point and shooters, or cameraphoners, but Elisson and Erica (at the very least) are accomplished photogs...  and no insult to Elisson (especially since he was my 100 word stories mentor), but Erica has inspired me to start framing a photo or two and post some of my favorites. 
Granted, my technical skill is lacking and my equipment sub par, but the will is strong, and I've been told I have a good eye.  So, here we go...
Past reflections
Photo by K-Nine
This picture is an antique mirror that was hanging on my antique wall by the front door.  I noticed that if I sat on the stairs near the bottom I could see my reflection...  blurry though it be due to the old painted-on silver mercury type glass.

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

I Know...

I've been a bit of a slacker lately.  That changes today.  More pictures, more posts.  I know I've lost most of my regular readers, but I know there are a few people that stop by to check out what I'm putting down. 

Frost on a Dandelion
photo by K-Nine

click to enlarge...  it looks better that way

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Over The Mountain

Sorry for the bad sound quality....  I had my hands full.
When I come over the mountain
I take my time and gear it low
If I run off the mountain
Gather me up and send me home

It's hard to think of anything
When you are on my mind
Left hand on the steerin' wheel
Shoulder on the side
Straight up to the left of me
Nothing on the right
Trying not to look around
Knuckles turnin' white

When I come over the mountain
I take my time and gear it low
If I run off the mountain
Gather me up and send me home

I hit the road and paid the toll
I'm comin' home to you
Only thing between us is the distance With a view
Don't know what to tell you
How long it will take
Know I'm not too far away
I'm crossin' Loudon lake

When I come over the mountain
I take my time and gear it low
If I run off the mountain
Gather me up and send me home