Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday Ink #37

Check out "M". I thought this was just a painted on design until I took a closer look. I was hanging out at Shakespeare's Pub on 6th, talking to a petite blonde with some nice puppies (Shelties, 3 1/2 weeks old) when I spotted "M" (a babe in her own right) and had to get the shot. I think this may be the most unique colored tat I've seen yet.


Sunday, May 24, 2009

A Word About Sunday Ink

With today's ink post, I've noticed a trend. I'm going to watch this and see where it goes. I've been noting the initials of the girls I photograph. Barring women with sudonyms like Panic and Sacrilitious and counting women like Red where I know her real name, here's how it Stacks up out of 35 women...
Names starting with:
J - 7
A - 6
L - 4
C & M - 3 apiece
H, T & R - 2 each
D, E & B - only 1
The 5 most common female names in the US are:
Mary. Of the 3 m's I got I don't think a single one was a Mary.
Patricia. Not a p in the whole lot, not counting Panic.
Linda. OK, I got a decent showing of l's, but I don't think any were Lindas.
Barbara. I got one b. Her name was Birdy.
and Elizabeth. The one e I got wasn't.
Now to be fair, Jennifer is the next name on the list, and a lot of my j's were Jens... But the very first A on the list is Angela. That seems a little disproportionate... Until...
You look at a breakdown of the most used first letters of first names...
A is number 1. In fact all of my girls names start with a letter in the top 14 most used letters. Those are: A M C L D J s E k B T R g H... (bold indicates the ones on my list) That means that all but two of my girls are in the top half of the most commonly used letters of the alphabet.
I'm pretty sure this means absolutely nothing, but I thought it was interesting.

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Sunday Ink #36

After an afternoon at the dog park, Jack and I stopped at Li'l Woodrow's on 6th for a cold beer or 10. While sitting in the shade sipping suds I spotted a blonde with part of a flower tattoo peeking out of the back of her shirt. Seeing as we were in public, I couldn't talk "J" into shedding the garment so I could get a picture. Instead she offered up these. I'm not gonna tell you the meaning... I'm going to let you guess in comments. I'm sure one of you bright boys or girls will get it.


Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sunday Ink #35

Another one from the dog park, and yet another "J". This girl was absolutely adorable in her blue sundress and little square glasses. (What is it about those little square frames that is so damn hot?) Anyway, I asked which was her favorite and it's the one of her cat, Lola. Yes, that says "Lola" in Manderin...

I was a little thrown at first by the cute little bird carrying a dagger until she showed me the other side with the bird and flower. A dichotomy... War and peace. I just doesn't get much better than that.


Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sunday Ink #34

There is just no shortage of beautiful women in this town... And definately no shortage of beautiful women with ink. Jack and I were having brunch at Opal Divine's (As we do most Sundays) when brunch became Guinness... But I digress... "J" came in to have a bite and a cocktail. I saw the star on her leg and a little of a yellow flower peeking past the neck of her shirt. I did not expect her whole shoulder and part of her back to be inked, so what a pleasant surprise that was. Each flower has a different meaning. I don't remember all of them, but the yellow rose for TX, I believe the blue was for health and healing...
The star on her leg is for Austin. It's actually a map of the city. Rotate counter clockwise to orient north and you can see I35 and MOPAC running N-S and 183 and 290 running E-W if you use your imagination.


Sunday, May 03, 2009

Sunday Ink #33

I was wandering through Kohl's department store looking for something I couldn't find anyway when I spotted this hot little mama down a side isle and had to stop to say hello. "R" has a handfull of tattoos here and there. The bear paw is a tribal symbol (American Indian blood). The lettering on her leg means "tranquility". The cherries are new and just healing.