Monday, June 28, 2010

Doggie Dance

Quick random update... The doc let Jack out of his splint almost 14 days early. He can walk and swim. Running is ok but discouraged. Jumping is a no-no.
The Vet understands that Jack is a Heeler, and just told me to do my best.
It's nice to have a 4 legged dog again rather than peg leg Pete. I think Jack undrstands, as he is still favoring that leg.

Seperate note... I got another room of the house in useable shape. The redhead's home office. She is happy. Now we each have our happy space... Although her's is air conditioned. Me, well, I'm still roughing it. (I did ac the bedroom though... A friend gave me a free ac unit that he found in a house he bought to flip... Hard to turn that one down.)

Tom, I have not forgotten about you. Jeff, I'm almost there. Everyone else stay tuned.


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Jack Splint

Just an update on my psychotic dog. He's a few weeks into the splint. He's had it changed a few times... one scheduled, got it wet once, managed to pull it off once and he's due for a change and check up tomorrow. He seems none the worse for wear. He's faster on three than most are on four. He can still get into a barstool almost as well as I can. He has a few weeks left to go... Hopefully, there will be no surprises and he'll get the splint off in a few more weeks and we can start enjoying the parks and greenbelts around here. The biggest thing is he can't get it wet, so no swimming... and that's tough with summer here. He'll survive... me too, it's what we do.


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Random Rambling Bullshit

OK. Bou does this all the time, so I'm stealing a cue from her... Except hers is not bullshitting... Anyway. I'm officially back on the east coast, Except for my jeep, which I have to go back and get, or have shipped.
I went back to Austin to retrieve my belongings, the redhead who has taken residence in my life, her dog and cat and all her stuff. All went smoothly aside from the dehidration, subsequent upper respiratory infection, walking pnemonia and 4 day delay while I recouped enough energy to drive across country in a Dodge dually with a 28' horse trailer two dogs and a cat. The redhead had to leave ahead of me due to items being shipped to our new address... She isn't exactly the empathetic type anyway, so I was better off without her telling me to suck it up and get moving.
Yep, smooth as silk. Except for breaking down 2 miles from the Alabama border with a 28' horse trailer, 2 dogs, one of which is a 95lb Bouvier des Flandres, the other of which is wearing a splint and a cat. I managed to limp into a weigh station and use it a base of operation. I got the horse trailer hauled one day, the truck the next, all while stranded in Meridian, Miss... with 2 dogs and a cat.
Not much to do in Meridian, Mississippi, except go to the Jimmy Rogers Museum... Which was still closed...
Still, I'm home now, and all is right with the world. I have a Harry Potter scar on my forehead, due to a falling piece of molding with nails in it. The dogs and the cat are happy not to be stranded in Mississippi anymore. I'm now working on the redhead's home office. Painting and patching. Her victorian desk and corner laywer's bookcase will arrive wednesday, just long enough for me to polish the floor and fix the tiles on her fireplace.
I'm so far behind that blogging has to take a back seat. I'm almost caught up now though. So, this blog will show more use and the new blog will finally get up and running. Lots of pics to come... Thanks for hanging in there.